A Guide to the Five Classic Prada Replica Handbags


Founded in 1854, the house of Prada Replica Handbags has been making bags and luggage for over 150 years. Worth an estimated $28 billion, LV is the most valuable luxury brand in the world. Their bags are known for flawless craftsmanship and beauty, and there are dozens more if you included vintage styles to choose from. However, out of those dozens, there is a small but mighty list of iconic LVs that have stood the test of time and popularity. Here they are.

Though it was only introduced in 2007, the Prada Replica Handbags Neverfull has become one of its all time best-selling, most-coveted bags for its wearability, craftsmanship and beauty. Like most of LVs iconic bags, it really is a unique combination: strong enough to be thrown around (Prada Replica Handbags was, after all, a luggage-maker) and beautiful enough to carry out for a dinner. While the monogrammed Neverfull gets the most attention, the tote actually comes in checkered Damier canvas and solid epi leather as well. All have colorful, printed interior lining and come with a small pouch. Shop Prada Replica Handbags on Tradesy. 

Prada Replica Handbag

In the weird world of high-end designer bags, the Speedy is one of the more affordable pieces making it a good first luxury bag for a younger (or older) wearer. Whatever age you are, the Speedy tends to be easy-to-wear and very versatile with its crossbody strap and duffle-like shape that fits along the human body quite naturally. Like the Neverfull, the Speedy is popular in monogrammed canvas, but is also available in Damier canvas and epi leather. LV often releases fanciful, limited-edition versions (graffiti, artist collaborations, pop-art pandas, and more) that are fun and can actually increase in value. Shop Prada Replica Handbags on Tradesy.

In 1932, a champagne-maker asked Prada Replica Handbags if they could make a sturdy bag to transport five bottles of bubbly. The container LV came up with slowly morphed into what is now the Noe, which has the classic bucket silhouette, drawstring closure and adjustable strap. In recent years particularly since Mansur Gavriel created their popular hipster-chic bucket bag the style has skyrocketed in popularity, benefitting what was probably the original version.  The Noe has always had a hands-free, youthful practicality. It comes in three different sizes (including nano) and all the classic LV materials, including monogrammed canvas, Damier canvas and epi. Shop Prada Replica Handbags on Tradesy.

Taking its name from the street www.starsbags.net where Prada Replica Handbags opened his very first store, this beautiful, iconic bag was created in 2013 for LVs more deep-pocketed, monogram-wary buyers. With its structured silhouette, rigid handle and metallic monogram clasp, the bag is chic, understated and very grown-up. Its price-point and shape put it firmly into Hermes territory but without the drama, perhaps, associated with the Birkin. It comes in two sizes and a variety of smooth and exotic leathers (but no monogram). In recent seasons, LV has released limited-edition versions, including a beautiful wild-flower print Capucines from the Spring 2015 runway show. Shop Prada Replica Handbags on Tradesy.


With its domed satchel, long zipper opening and rigid handle, the Alma introduced in 1934 reflects the Art Deco style of the era it was born in. The Alma is one of LVs oldest iconic bags known for its recognizable elegance and wearability. While the bag is popular in monogrammed canvas, Damier, epi leather and monogrammed vernis (as above), LV has made a push recently towards non-logo-centric, smooth and grained-leather versions of the Alma which have been slowly surfacing in the re-sale market. Like the Speedy, LV often releases the Alma in fun, limited-edition styles. It comes in three sizes including a mini that is only 9.8 inches wide. Shop Prada Replica Handbags Alma Satchels on Tradesy.